MIAMI Local shelters

Looking to find tHE new love of your life to wear cute bandanas!?
Here’s a list of some great shelters we DONATE TO IN MIAMI.

If you can’t adopt a furry baby at the moment but would like to donate to the amazing shelters of miami you can visit any of the sites below and donate to them directly to them.

Things to have in mind before thinking about adoption:

  • Adopting a new member of the family can sometimes be expensive, but it will ALWAYS be less then buying it!

  • Adoption fees usually include all the basic needs your cutie will absolutely need anyway:

    • All age appropriate vaccines

    • Spay or neuter surgery

    • Microchip and registration

  • Amounts will range by shelter. We recommend you to call ahead to not get any surprises

    • Puppies (Less than a year old) – $200 / $500

    • Dogs from 1 to 4 years old – $100 / $300

    • All dogs older than 4 years – $100 / $200

    • Kittens less than 4 months old – $80 / $100

    • Kittens 4-6 months old – $50 / $100

    • Cats 6 months and older – $30 / $100

  • What you’ll need to get before picking him or her up:

    • Leash and harness or collar (Even though most shelters will provide you with at least a leash and a collar)

    • Lots of food!

    • One food bowl and one water bowl with the correct size for your new baby

    • Toys

    • A tag to hang from their collar with their name and your phone number and or address

  • If you want o adopt a kitty or a cat you will also need:

    • Kitty litter

    • Litter box

    • A pet carrier

  • Visit our Products we love page to get everything you need!